Start-up financing: the route to a successful start-up

Hardly anyone starting their own business can cover all the costs of it themselves. There are many different routes to a successful start-up and the necessary start-up capital.

To find the right way for you to start up your business, it may help to take a look at the financial options available. This website provides an initial overview of these options.

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    Funding that does not have to be repaid is a secure financial basis. The following options show what options are available for business founders in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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    A fantastic business idea sometimes needs financial assistance to get off the ground. That’s where starter loans can help.

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    Venture capital and business angels

    Financial resources are one of the things innovative entrepreneurs need to make their ideas a reality. And venture capital investments in North Rhine-Westphalia start-ups are set to keep growing into 2022.



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    No start-up financing should fail due to a lack of collateral. Guarantees from the North Rhine-Westphalia guarantee bank or the state can support this.

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    Which funding programme is the right one? There is a variety of programmes available. Databases provide an overview.

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    Start-up finance

    Almost all start-ups require some seed capital. Robust planning is crucial for start-up finance to be successful. You will need to clarify a few questions beforehand: How much money does your project actually need? What financing options are available to you and where will the money come from?

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