Areas of focus for start-ups: specific funding for specific needs

Different start-ups have different needs – which is why the start-up institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia offer specific types of funding across a range of business sectors.

  • A woman standing in an office

    Female start-ups

    Women still lag behind men when it comes to setting up their own business. We are therefore offering tailored support to encourage women to start up their own businesses.

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  • Students sitting around two laptops

    Start-ups from universities

    Have you come across an exciting business idea during your studies or while working as a research assistant? Start your own business now.

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  • Students sitting on a staircase

    Start-ups for under-18s: From idea to reality

    Are you a schoolpupil or apprentice with an exciting business idea and want to start your own business? There is useful information for parents and teachers here too. We provide an overview of contact partners, competitions, companies run by schoolpupils and the legal rules.

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  • A younger man and an older woman fistbumping

    Company successions

    It is a challenge for business founders to find a successful owner-managed company that is looking for a successor. Find the right support.

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    Social and sustainable entrepreneurship

    Are you looking to develop a social or sustainable business idea in NRW? Do you have a business model but need help with business planning and finding funding? Do you want to connect with like-minded people and get off to a flying start in NRW? If you’re keen to get an overview of this form of setting up and managing a business, you’re in the right place! 

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    Waiting for the right moment for internationalisation is a big challenge. The start-up landscape in NRW helps you to take the next step at the right time.

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    High-tech start-ups

    Start-ups in the high-tech sector bring innovation and growth. With 70 universities, and a large number of non-university research institutes, North Rhine-Westphalia has the best potential for high-tech start-ups.

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    Founders of the trade live the trade tradition and develop the business of the future from it. With innovative products and processes, they strengthen the “economic power next door”. There are special support instruments for this.

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    Creative industry

    To set up a business in the creative industry, you also need plenty of entrepreneurial expertise to ensure your long-term success.

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