Vitaly Chukanov in front of his product, a semi-trailer with an electric engine
eTrucks for clean, efficient logistics

Sustainable, cost-efficient, productive – these advantages speak according to co-founder Vitaly Chukanov for ANT Machines. These are powerful trucks that are to be used wherever truck trailers and containerised goods are moved over shorter distances.

Founding stories

  • Krzysztof Mędrala

    MedApp, a Polish company headquartered in Krakow, is a technology company that aims to contribute to better patient care and ultimately save lives with innovative solutions in the field of diagnostic imaging and the latest digital medicine. In 2022, MedApp plans to expand to Germany, among other countries. Düsseldorf is the location of choice.

  • Entrepreneurship is a medium of creating an impact in the world.

    Would vegshelf have been successful five years ago? Definitely not, says the founder. vegshelf is a B2B platform for plant-based food products to enable restaurants and stores to not only discover or find all the emerging plant-based and vegan food products, but also to source them.

  • The two founders of Socialbnb sitting side by side with their laptops

    #NeueGründerzeit Nordrhein-Westfalen spoke to Nils Lohmann, co-founder and director of Socialbnb, about values, wishes and knowledge transfer for budding entrepreneurs.

  • From left to right: Johannes Späth, Eric Bodden, Manuel Benz and Andreas Dann

    #NeueGründerzeit Nordrhein-Westfalen spoke to Dr Johannes Späth, co-founder of CodeShield, about the company’s initial success as a young business, proof of concept, employee recruitment and pitching experiences.

  • Mirko Mollik sitting in front of a laptop

    #NeueGründerzeit Nordrhein-Westfalen spoke to founder Mirko Mollik about the challenges of start-ups in the IT sector, the added value from networking, start-up financing and repeatedly weighing up option A compared with option B.

  • EEDEN ermöglicht die Circular Economy in der Textilindustrie.

    Ein Textilfaserrecycling betreibt das NRW-Start-up EEDEN, indem es Zellulose aus alter Kleidung zurückgewinnt für die Herstellung von neuen hochwertigen Fasern. Was sich hier in einem Satz liest, war ein langjähriger Forschungs- und Entwicklungsprozess, wie uns Reiner Mantsch erläutert. Mit seinem Co-Gründer Steffen Gerlach stellt er sich den Fragen von #GründenNRW-Moderatorin Anna-Lena Kümpel in diesem Podcast.

  • Carolin and Simon Aschemeier in front of a big screen hanging on the wall

    Mit Deutschfuchs lernen weltweit Jugendliche und Erwachsene Deutsch. Besonderes Augenmerk legt das Gründer-Ehepaar auf Landeskunde und authentische Situationen und Inhalte. Wie Caro und Simon Aschemeier ihre Gründung geplant haben, welche Unterstützung sie bekommen haben und wie sich Gründen als Ehepaar anfühlt, das teilen sie mit #GründenNRW in dieser Geschichte.