Start-up consultancy: a wide range of support in North Rhine-Westphalia

The start-up landscape in North Rhine-Westphalia includes a number of consultancy services. Find the service you need.

How am I planning to start up my business? Who can advise and support me with this in North Rhine-Westphalia? We answer these questions below, so you can get on with starting your own business.

We make a distinction between personal and digital consultancy services that range from developing the business idea to specific planning and successful implementation. We also take a look at financial consultancy, which plays a key role in starting up any business.

  • A consultant sitting opposite a man

    Personal advisory services

    Local contacts are indispensable for confidential discussions and individual start-up advice. An overview of what’s on offer in North Rhine-Westphalia.

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    Digital consultancy services

    Many start-ups work digitally, and start-up consultancy can be digital, too. Take advantage of the digital consultancy services for starting up your business.

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    NRW.BANK funding advice

    The NRW.BANK supports start-up entrepreneurs in North Rhine-Westphalia in all phases – with subsidised loans, equity financing and comprehensive independent funding and advice.

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