With prize money totalling EUR 60,000, the GRÜNDERPREIS NRW is one of Germany's most lucrative awards for innovative and successful founders, successors and freelancers.

  • Ministerin Mona Neubauer zusammen mit Khouschnaf Ibrahim, Matthias Lohse, Hind Seiferth und Jan Knoche von der Unigy GmbH sowie Eckhard Forst, Vorstandsvorsitzender der NRW.BANK.

    Essener Unternehmen Unigy gewinnt den GRÜNDERPREIS NRW 2022 (This Content is only available in German.)

    Wirtschaftsministerium und NRW.BANK vergeben insgesamt 60.000 Euro an Preisträger aus Essen, Münster und Bochum.

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  • Foto Wall 11. Gründerpreis NRW 2022

    2022 Nominees

    These ten founders were nominated for the GRÜNDERPREIS NRW 2022 with prize money totalling 60,000 euros.

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  • Thomas Hagedorn and Christian Hülsewig of Schüttflix with minister Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart and Eckhard Forst, CEO of the NRW.BANK


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  • The jury members of the GRÜNDERPREIS stand at bar tables


    The agony of choice: An eight-member jury chaired by Professor Christine Volkmann, holder of the chair in Business Creation and Economic Development at the University of Wuppertal, sifts through all the submissions, decides on ten nominees and determines the winners of the GRÜNDERPREIS NRW. This is what the jury looked like in 2022.

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