DWNRW Hubs: the growth accelerators for digital start-ups

North Rhine-Westphalia is seeking to further stimulate the appetite for digital start-ups in future. The state government wants to increase the appeal of digital start-ups and spin-offs and establish an outstanding nationwide and international start-up scene.

Logo of the DWNRW Hubs

Many established businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia have realised the importance of being in touch with the digital start-up scene, to enhance existing business models, tap into new business sectors and to be able to pick up on technological advances at an early stage. They are very interested in having a lively start-up culture in their own back yard. The Federal Government is providing particular support for this momentum by means of the DWNRW Hubs.

The five DWNRW Hubs in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, the Ruhr (Essen) and Munster are the ideal places to go for start-ups with data-driven digital business models. The hubs provide support, for example, with their accelerator programmes, for launching digital products on the market. For this purpose, start-ups are included in a network of mentors, established businesses and investors. Established businesses in turn obtain access to start-ups and digital products.

The hubs offer consultancy at a number of events as well as on-site at individual locations. Visit the DWNRW Hubs website (information in German only) to find out what services are available near you and anything else that you need to know.