GRÜNDUNGSSTIPENDIUM NRW: funding for innovative business ideas

A year of support for your business start-up: advice, contacts and a grant of 1200 euros per month for a maximum of one year.

Anyone on the verge of starting up an innovative new business can always use some good support. The Gründungsstipendium NRW award helps people to transform their innovative business ideas into reality.

As well as advice, a grant of 1200 euros per month is available for a maximum of one year, making it a little easier to get your business off the ground. The award also helps people to establish key contacts.

There are special regulations for parents: Those who have a child can extend the grant by three months. Those who receive parental allowance can pause the scholarship for up to twelve months.

How does it work?

Individuals, or a team of up to three founders can apply through your network on site (information in German only). The application must be accompanied by a convincing concept paper with a good innovative business idea. The unique selling point also needs to be made clear, as does the reason your particular idea is worth funding.

An analysis of the market is also important, including potential partners, and, naturally, also the situation regarding the competition.

To present their ideas, founders will be invited to a pitch for their network so they can present their start-up concept to a jury.

Further information is available at gruendungsstipendium.NRW (in German only).

Further information on how to apply and a submission form are available here (in German only).