Master Craftswoman/Craftsman Start-up Bonus: Investment cost subsidy for craft in North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia is helping craft start-ups in a variety of ways. A proven funding instrument, newly established in 2021, is the Master Craftswoman/Craftsman Start-up Bonus, known as the MGP.

With the Master Craftswoman/Craftsman Start-up Bonus MGP, North Rhine-Westphalia aims to help master craftspeople achieve independence by providing financial support. The award promotes investment in start-ups, business takeovers and active shareholdings (at least 50 percent) in new or existing craft enterprises. An award of 8,400 euros is granted for investment sums as small as 12,000 euros.

The maximum award of 10,500 euros is granted for investment sums of 15,000 euros or more (as of: January 2021). The MGP comes with a start-up consultation at the responsible Chamber of Crafts and helps secure/create jobs and training positions.

You can find more information on the MGP and the required application documents on the website of the awarding authority, the LGH, the state commercial funding body for North Rhine-Westphalia.